The Wheel of Writing turns ever on

Most of my anthology stories have long been sent in. I have no outstanding new stories floating looking for homes, the Timeslip anthology is done (well, not the promotion side of it, I admit), and you’d think things would be settling down.

I actually don’t take many vacations from writing and related projects. Now is no exception. I have to finish scripting a Cobalt City podcast tonight. And there is at least one, if not two short stories to write before October rolls to an end. Then, of course, Jeremy Zimmerman and I are discussing a Cthulhu series to be done as novellas (not a new idea, just a new format, suggested by Emma Bull’s brilliant Shadow Unit series).

Somewhere in this busy weekend, I have to shoulder in a little “down time,” and hitting up book stores to pimp the new book. (Have I mentioned the new book? Oh, at the top of the post? You don’t say! It’s called Cobalt City Timeslip — check it out!).

Busy days, my friends. Busy days indeed.

Thankfully I have the John Legend and the Roots album “Wake Up” to power me through any stormy sea. Get some reading (or writing) in this weekend, folks. I’ll see you on the other side.

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