Cobalt Universe Fiction Timeline

A Newer Shade of Blue” by Michaela Hutfles – Pre-Colombian Period

I Blame Management” by S. Aarron Kemp – 1587

Cobalt City founded – 1723

First Appearance of The Huntsman – 1775

Daddy’s Little Girl” by Dawn Vogel – 1890

Simon Floyd murdered and reanimated – 1931

Girl’s Night Out” by Jeremy Zimmerman – 1935

Claws of the Dragon Queen” by Rosemary Jones – 1949

The War at Home” by Nathan Crowder – 1976

Mysterious Five Founded – 2003

Icons leave for space, leaving The Keep vacant – 2003

Extra-Dimensional Breach invasion stopped at Lafayette Park – 2004

The Protectorate founded to replace Icons – 2004

Chanson Noir – by Nathan Crowder The Protectorate, with the help of Doctor Shadow, battle the Queen of the Black Sigh across multiple universes. – 2004

Old Root from a Sinister Vine by Nathan Crowder 2004

“Masks: A Gato Loco Story” by Nathan Crowder – 2004

Nutcracker” by Angel Leigh McCoy – 2004

Vengeance on the Layover” by Erik Scott de Bie – 2005

Cobalt City Blues – by Nathan Crowder – Senior members of The Protectorate are swapped with their evil duplicates from a mirror universe, leaving the defense of Cobalt City in the hands of junior members and reserve.  Meanwhile, the exiled Protectorate have to reunite on a hostile world and find their way home before time runs out. – 2005

Ties that Bind – by Nathan Crowder – Velvet is joined by Bantam, a legacy vigilante with a secret, to confront human trafficking and sexual slavery in Cobalt City. This puts them at odds with the Lo crime syndicate and it’s ruthless enforcer, the Harlequin. – 2005

Hollow Offerings” by Nathan Crowder – 2005

Los Muertos by Nathan Crowder – A legendary menace returns to Cobalt City, drawing the Tatterdemalion out of retirement. As the city rockets towards Halloween, the spirits get stirred up and soon Gato Loco and Mister Grey are involved in a murder that might signal the first wave of a full-blown war with hell. – 2005

A Very Panda Christmas, Everyone!” by Rosemary Jones – 2005

Silent Nights” by Nathan Crowder – 2006

Home for Christmas” by Nicole Burns – 2006

Requiem of Ash – The Protectorate face their doom as they discover their most dangerous adversary may be one of their own.  When the dust settles, win or lose, The Protectorate will be no more! – 2007

Greetings From Buena Rosa  by Nathan Crowder – Snowflake, the hyper-evolved panda mechanic, helps Manuel de la Vega try to save his  cousin from a murder charge in a Mexican factory town.  But the evil and corruption runs deeper than either hero expected, forcing the now crippled vigilante Gato Loco to come out of retirement. – 2008

Ride Like the DevilOnce a year, thirty racers gather from all over the world to compete in an illegal cycle race from Mexico to Canada. Big money and bigger bragging rights go to the winner of the Devil’s Run International. Some would do anything to win — even murder.  It falls to Manuel de la Vega and his vigilante alter ego Gato Loco to find this murderer among madmen. Or his friend Xander Tesla might be the next victim. – 2008

Ghost of Christmas Past” by Jeremy Zimmerman – 2008

Cobalt City Rookies by Jeremy Zimmerman, Rosemary Jones, Nikki Burns – A new generation of heroes, including Kensei, a new Tatterdemalion, and a new Wrecker of Engines start to create the next phase of heroes in Cobalt City. – 2012

Cobalt City Double Feature by Erik Scott de Bie and Minerva Zimmerman — Lady Vengeance returns to Cobalt City, trailing the murderous Raven in her wake, and catching Stardust in the crossfire. It’s time for the title of Thor to be passed to Cole “Midnight Thunder” Washington’s daughter Tera as she forges her own identity as Tempest. But this time, the battle lines are not so clear. And Lucky, one of the aspects of Loki, might be her best chance of surviving her trials. – 2012

“Madjack” — The Rock Star who Fell to Earth dies leaving his daughter to pick up the pieces of his curious legacy and one outstanding mystery: was he actually an alien all along? – 2016

Cobalt City: RESISTANCE — The heroes of Cobalt City were not prepared for the hate-filled media icon Lyle Prather to worm his way into the Presidency of the United States. Amid ongoing protests and outrage, President Prather assembles his cabinet, filling it with a veritable “Legion of Evil,” while stripping away rights and protections for the nation’s most vulnerable. Hate and violence are on the rise. Hope is hard to come by.

What the world needs now is heroes.

Join Gato Loco & Snowflake, Huntsman & Libertine, Archon & Gallows, Madjack & Kara Sparks, Stardust & the Wrecker of Engines, and many more as they re-examine what they stand for and what they’re willing to risk to win back the soul of a nation. – 2017

Post RESISTANCE short fiction — With Huntsman’s secret identity revealed, he and Libertine pack up his trainees to build a new life in the backwater Cobalt suburbs of Innsmouth as Red Stag & the Wild Hunt. Working on behalf of Harlequin, Bantam goes to war with the Prather Administration, seeking some way to bring them down without destroying the country around her. And Louis Malenfant borrows a Coil Ship to cruise parallel realities to build a team capable of defending our reality against the designs of the King in Yellow.

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