If you’re looking for a quick place to start, I would recommend a few short pieces that I’ve personally selected as favorite previously published stories. “None Left Behind,” “Deacon Carter’s Last Dime,” and “Frames of Reference.” The rest of catalog is listed below with links.


Ink Calls to Ink

Of Rooks & Ravens (Razorgirl Press)

The Lictonwood

Chanson Noir: Protectorate volume 1

Cobalt City Blues: Protectorate volume 2

Greetings from Buena Rosa – a de la Vega Mystery

Ride Like the Devil – a de la Vega Mystery

Cobalt City: Los Muertos (featuring Gato Loco, Mister Grey, & the Tatterdemalion)

Cobalt City: Ties that Bind (featuring Velvet, Bantam, & Harlequin)


Anthologies (as editor) —

Cobalt City Christmas – Includes “Silent Knights”

Cobalt City Timeslip – Includes “The War at Home”

Cobalt City Dark Carnival

Collected Short Fiction

Storm Wine – August 2013 (includes: Another Exit, Another Waffle House, The Fishwives of Sean Brolly, Memory in the Time of Bones, Deacon Carter’s Last Dime, The Invitation, Frames of Reference, Dancing Tonight! Live Music!, and None Left Behind and story notes)

Dark but for the Stars – August 2014 (includes Bethlehem Grove, Fists of Felt, Odd Jobs, Last Dragoon of the Inland Empire, Ink Calls to Ink, Saint of Clowns, Kid Gloves, The Price of Cream, and story notes)

Short Fiction

Absolution of the Fallen Star” – Dangers Untold anthology (October 2012)

“Bethlehem Grove” – Maelstrom Anthology: Tales of Madness and Horror, Savage Mojo, August 2012

By Gods Damned and Bounty Blessed” – Have Blaster, Will Travel anthology by Galileo Games

Children of the Guillotine” – Mad Scientist Journal (Autumn 2019)

“Cold Comfort of Silver Lake” – Blood Rites anthology by Blood Bound Books, January 2013

“Dancing Tonight! Live Music!”Rigor Amortis anthology by Absolute XPress

Deacon Carter’s Last Dime” – Crossed Genres, June 2009 and Crossed Genres Anthology 2010

“Dummy” – Mad Scientist Journal (Spring 2018)

The Invitation” – Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead anthology by Blood Bound Books, June 2011

The Fishwives of Sean Brolly” – Cthulhurotica, Dagan Books, December 2010

“Fists of Felt” – Byzarium, November 2008

“Frames of Reference”Close Encounters of the Urban Kind Anthology, April 2010

“Goat”That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley (Mad Scientist Journal Presents), September 2014

“Hard Ride to Yuma”Crossed Genres, March 2011

Ink Calls to Ink” –, February 2009, and Night Mantled: Best of Wily Writers Year One

Kid Gloves” –, December 2005

Last Horse Out” – Bete Noir Magazine (October 2012)

“Last Real Man” – Selfies from the End of the World (September 2015)

Lies of the Flesh” – Coins of Chaos anthology (October 2013)

Madjack” – Behind the Mask anthology from Meerkat Press (May 2017)

Mahrut’s Road” – Sword & Sorceress 27 (November 5, 2012)

Memory in the Time of Bones” – Wily Writers, January 2010, and Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers Year Two, December 2011

None Left Behind” – Absent Willow Review, November 2009 (Hugo House Hauntings award winner, October 2007)

“Odd Jobs”Space Tramps #5, Flying Pen Press, September 2011

“Old Root from a Sinister Vine” – Timid Pirate Publishing, February 2011

The Price of Cream” – Human Tales anthology, March 2011

The Saint of Clowns” – The Edge of Propinquity, September 2011

Swing That Axe” – Battling In All Her Finery: Historical Accounts of Otherworldly Women Leaders (October 2018)

Role Playing Games —

Bulldogs!: Ports of Call – The Frontier Zone Galileo Games (Summer 2012)

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