For anthologies or magazines in which my individual stories appear, you can either check out my Publications tab, or go directly to the publication itself from the sidebar.

But for exclusive merchandise, such as non-book items, I’ve decided to put this page up. Content will change periodically, and may include such random things as signed/personalized print editions of books and e-book collections of short fiction. And because I have a mug addiction, I’m feeding that vicariously by made some coffee/tea receptacles available.

Storm Wine Collection
Storm Wine Collection

Storm Wine

Pour a glass of seven previously published stories and one original tale of the end-of-the-world from Seattle author Nathan Crowder. Storm Wine collects tales of New Orelans ghosts, lustful fishwomen, junkyard rockets, dead rock stars, orphans, amorous zombies, and an autopsy video of the worst kind. Prepare to sample the often dark and frequently savory tastes of the treasures that survive the storm.

Due to the adult nature of two stories, one of which involves the aforementioned lustful fishwomen, DriveThruFiction requires you to log in to purchase. Which you’ll want to do to purchase anyway, right?

Only $1.99!

Includes author notes for each story.


  • Another Exit, Another Waffle House
  • The Fishwives of Sean Brolly
  • Memory in the Time of Bones
  • Deacon Carter’s Last Dime
  • The Invitation
  • Frames of Reference
  • Dancing Tonight! Live Music!
  • None Left Behind

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