October Goals

Inspired by a fellow writer who I follow on Twitter, I have been moved to list my October goals. Why,you may ask? Well the answer is two-fold — it helps me keep a clear sight on what I hope to accomplish, and it enables others to hold my feet to the fire just a bit. It’s one thing if I want to get a certain story finished…it’s another thing entirely if a friend or colleague wants me to get a certain story finished. Especially if they KNOW I’m working on it and that it’s important to me.

So in that spirit, here is the list, broken down into three categories: Writing, promotion, other.


  • Finish India-flavored Sword & Sorcery story for submission to major market
  • Finish “Subversion” story for Crossed Genres
  • Finish Cobalt City Tales podcast script
  • Work on outlining next big Cthulhu project
  • If time permits, write historical Cthulhu story set in Morocco for submission to anthology


  • Cobalt City Timeslip reading/release on October 9th
  • Get Timeslip into neighborhood bookstores and several libraries
  • Organize a few more readings/signings
  • Get reminders out about the open submissions for Biopunk


  • Prep and run Call of Cthulhu one-shot for friends for Halloween
  • Set and keep some medical appointments (Dr., Dentist, Optometrist)
  • Prep next ongoing RPG campaign
  • Lay in stock for NaNoWriMo

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