Let’s here it for Release Week!

It’s a comin’ up fast, folks!

Cobalt City Timeslip, the little anthology that could, is releasing on Friday, October 1st. Heck, we’ve been up for pre-orders on the Timid Pirate site for a week or more now, and we just showed up on Amazon.com also. Ah, the sweet smell of the big markets!

And it’s not even the only book I have releasing that day! I’m also going to be in a fun little collection of zombie erotica. Plan now to purchase on Friday, and let’s see if we can give small press a blip on the Amazon radar screen!

Of course, ordering Timeslip from Timid Pirate gets you something Amazon can’t provide — signatures from all the authors.

Now to go off and finish plotting the extras and fun release week things that are going to start popping up in the next few days.

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