Sasquatch Sings Songs for Lonely Lovers

Going through the ol’ story trunk this Valentine’s Day morning and realized I should probably share this with everyone. It’s made the submission rounds many, many times. But ultimately is too weird to fit in anywhere. Kind of like bigfoot. Happy Valentine’s Day! And enjoy! Sasquatch Sings Songs for Lonely Lovers Hunched over the registration […]

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Permission to Rest

I haven’t been writing much lately. Not blog posts, not short fiction, not novels. Nothing. And I’ve been beating myself up over it pretty much any time I think about it. I’ve been feeling isolated not just from the process of writing but from the community of writers and the entire concept of being a […]

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In Memory of Krista

Wow, what a blurry old photo! Look at those happy kids, their whole lives spread out ahead of them! Of course, that was 35 years ago, and life has a way of surprising you. I met Krista when I was in 8th grade. She had just transferred to our school and was involved in a […]

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Prophecy From The Vault

Here’s a curious aside. You sitting down? Ok, let’s go. With everything going on in my life and the world, my emotional energy to sit down and write has been pretty limited for a while. But as I’ve been getting back on that horse in the last few weeks, I have been going through some […]

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Keeping Weird Alive in 2022

Can we all just agree that the last few years have been, well, weird? Now that that’s out of the way, I am looking to take a modicum of control over the weird in the coming year. Because I’m a writer, and weird is what writers do. I haven’t been writing much this year for…reasons. […]

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Review: Teen Killers Club

On the list of things I adore, coming-of-age stories are high on the list. Put a bunch of misfits together in a new environment, be it school, or, let’s say, a camp where they can learn something about themselves and create a found family and I’m there with a goofy smile and popcorn every time. […]

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My Favorite Song: Matthew 25:21

Here we are again. Another favorite song. And this is a special one. Today is my mom’s 80th birthday. It’s also the 17th anniversary of my dad’s death. So, big day. To head off any concern, my mom’s health is fine. She’ll probably outlive all of us. My dad’s health, well, it had been on […]

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