Cobalt City

First thing you might be asking yourself is, “What the great, green heck is Cobalt City?”

If that’s you, stay keep reading and I’ll give you the secret history of the city. For those of you who are familiar with my Cobalt City universe of super-hero fiction, I’m giving you the links right up front. For instance, the timeline for the various stories and novels set in and about the city. There’s also a fairly detailed “Cobalt City Visitor’s Guide” that give a look at the city and it’s heroes for those seeking a more in depth look. Finally, here’s the very first story written in the Cobalt City universe. Available only online, Masks features the cycle-riding vigilante known as Gato Loco. At the time that was written, I wasn’t thinking of writing a novel, certainly not one centered around super-heroes.

For one thing, who wrote novels about super-heroes? It wasn’t exactly hot subject matter.

Funny how things change.

Several of the core characters of Cobalt City sprang from a role-playing game enjoyed by my family and friends. I had run the game for a while, and always regretted not telling one particular story that just didn’t fit the game format. It required the team to be split up and scattered across the globe and between two dimensions. What started as a personal challenge became a sprawling epic about love, loss, duty, and what it means to be human. Oh, and super-powered beings hell-bent on controlling the world. That novel, Cobalt City Blues, became the cornerstone for a universe of stories.

So what is Cobalt City? In short, it is a city like few others, a small metropolitan center on the coast of New England where the heroes–and villains–of the world have been drawn for centuries to prove themselves. With a rich tradition stretching back to the Revolutionary War (if not sooner), the city is host to psychics, madmen, technological savants, immortals, mutants, the avatars of old gods, and the occasional robot. It is also a open sandbox for a growing list of talented authors who grew up with comic books, dreaming of the chance to play with and write larger-than-life heroes.

Currently, there are multiple novels, several anthologies, and individual short fiction starring these characters (including stories created exclusively for patrons via a Cobalt City specific Patreon). More is coming every year. Cobalt City continues to grow and expand.

The adventures continue.