Old Hipster Recommends: Chicano Soul

Hey, if you checked out Monday’s Timeline Cleanse, you might have seen this one coming. I blame YouTube. But I’d like to preface this meta-recommendation with the note of, “GodDAMN I’m happy that there are still bands out there making early vintage-sounding soul music.” I know y’all love it too. Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, St. […]

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Timeline Cleanse Digest (11-4-19)

Welcome to your weekly timeline cleanse. It’s November so as usual, I’m writing another goddamned novel. That means a lot of what I’m listening to is the playlist I’ve built for the book along with associated music. The current work in progress is a road piece, so there’s a lot of roots, Americana, and road […]

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Review: The Evil Within

It’s always this way–as we approach Halloween season, I fall down the rabbit hole of horror. Since my cohort (who is not a big horror fan) is in classes several nights a week, that gives me a lot of time to explore some of the nooks and crannies of the genre. I like to mix […]

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