Cobalt City Timeslip — Table of Contents

Times, they are a changin’ — especially in Cobalt City, home of the heroes. With a tradition of capes and cowls that dates back to before the town’s founding, any time is a good time for adventure!

History comes alive with a time-swept agent of an invasive corporation, zap-gun wielding alien princess, faceless spy-smashing vigilante, Norse gods, young archer facing down steamwork ex-presidents, and a bitter heroine trying to recapture her youth.

There has never been a better time to visit the city!

Anthology contains —
A Newer Shade of Blue – Michaela Hutfles
Vengeance on the Layover – Erik Scott de Bie
Girl’s Night Out – Jeremy Zimmerman
I Blame Management – S. Aarron Kemp
The War at Home – Nathan Crowder
Daddy’s Little Girl – Dawn Vogel
Claws of the Dragon Queen – Rosemary Jones

Cobalt City Timeslip will be available October 1st, 2010. Limited copies will be made available at Foolscap Convention 12, September 24-26th at the Redmond Town Center, Redmond, Washington.

A handful of ARCs will be be available for review in PDF format by September 1st.

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