Random Geekery

“A writer writes. Always.”

Yeah, I believe that’s a quote from Billy Crystal in “Throw Mama From the Train.” And while I’ve spouted it as a mantra more than once, it’s not entirely true.

I’m an author, not a machine, and I have to recharge my batteries and inspiration on a regular basis. I do that with a wide variety of random geekery: stand-up comedy, movies, role-playing games, comic books, and scripted TV (can’t stand reality TV, for the record.)

This page is the shoebox under the bed, packed with kind of things that make me human and keep me sane. Expect to see things like reviews, random game notes, and links to must-share web-comics popping up here from time to time.

First up, the Arboreal Kraken – an unsuspected threat created for my Sealwatch 4th Ed. D&D Campaign. Because the last place you expect to be attacked by a giant squid is from the top of tall pine canopy!

I did theater and speech team in high school and then more theater in college and even some community theater back in Durango. I think that experience has helped in my readings. I love reading my fiction out loud to an audience. But I love reading other people’s fiction to people also. Thanks to the Wily Writers, I’ve had some great chances to participate in their audio podcasts. You can check them out here and listen to the podcasts or download a text version, or listen to them on iTunes here. My own stories, “Ink Calls to Ink” (which inspired the novel I’m working on) and “Memory in the Time of Bones” are there, as well as stories I have read for other fantastic authors. The ones I have had the honor to read and record are: “A Speck in the Universe” by Ripley Patton, “But Everyone is Different” by Bob Lock, “Honoring the Dead” by Jennifer Brozek, and “Jack’s Lament” by Joan De La Haye. All are a great way to enjoy a story when driving to work.


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