On Writing Dialogue

“Shit. That’s not a job. That’s a hustle!” I love writing dialogue. It is, arguably, one of the the more finely honed skills in my writer’s tool box. Being able to bring characters to life with natural, unforced conversations, just makes me happy. The trick is to listen. It’s that simple. It’s that difficult. We’re social […]

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Influences Make the Writer

I suspect that most authors, at some point in their career, get asked who influenced them as a writer. The question came up again in a round-about way this afternoon with a writing cohort. And because of the way we got to the question, I realized I’ve been answering the question all wrong. Maybe I’m not […]

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Blog Hop

I was tagged by the extremely talented (and busy) Jennifer Brozek for this Blog Hop, tasked with answering the following four questions. 1. What am I working on? 2. How does it differ from others of its genre? 3. Why do I write what I do? 4. How does my writing process work? So I’ve […]

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Cobalt City Appreciation Post

I have some amazing people to thank. But first a bit of history. Cobalt City started as a collaborative effort, the outgrowth of a game played with friends. I don’t really know when the fiction thing started. 2003, maybe? I had written my first Cobalt City story, my first Gato Loco story, actually. At about […]

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Bitter Greens – Salad Noir

I’d like to start by saying I know some weird, weird people. A challenge of sorts was laid down on Twitter earlier today by Twitternaut Georg Greg that read, “ALCOHOL – because no great story or song ever started with someone eating a salad.” Before I knew it, people were rising to the challenge. But […]

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