Sasquatch Sings Songs for Lonely Lovers

Going through the ol’ story trunk this Valentine’s Day morning and realized I should probably share this with everyone. It’s made the submission rounds many, many times. But ultimately is too weird to fit in anywhere. Kind of like bigfoot. Happy Valentine’s Day! And enjoy! Sasquatch Sings Songs for Lonely Lovers Hunched over the registration […]

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Prophecy From The Vault

Here’s a curious aside. You sitting down? Ok, let’s go. With everything going on in my life and the world, my emotional energy to sit down and write has been pretty limited for a while. But as I’ve been getting back on that horse in the last few weeks, I have been going through some […]

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Complicity in Copaganda

When I was a kid, a lot of my favorite mystery procedurals featured privite detectives–Magnum, Simon & Simon, Jessica Fletcher, Jim Rockford. There were some good police cops/investigators on TV who worked within the system like Kojak, Columbo, Starsky & Hutch, and Quincy M.D., but for the most part, it was outsiders who solved crimes […]

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Fear and Loathing in R’lyeh

I figure a few notes of background might be relevant here. We updated our house chore board today, and I declared Sunday dedicated to “Making Weird Shit.” Because in our heart of hearts, that’s what my cohort and I love to do. Curiously enough, I ran across an old story of mine that I wrote […]

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Travel: Writing Research

That’s the dream, right? Pack the bags and fuck off to some far-away place for an indulgent period of time to write, research, absorb your surroundings, and write some more. If you’re like me, and I expect many of you are, you rarely get further than the closest convenient coffeehouse or bar. But still the […]

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Hell is a Parade

We have a parade that runs through the heart of my neighborhood every summer. For some, it’s a source of joy. For others, not so much. I got caught in it a few years ago and made the comment “Hell is a parade,” and a friend who is much smarter than me said I should […]

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