Onward Ho Into 2015!

Well, it’s the end of the year again, and you know what that means. Yep. Buckle up, me hearties! It’s time for yet another look back at the year that was and some hints about the year to come. On a personal front, my daughter got married in August, meaning I got to wear a […]

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Influences Make the Writer

I suspect that most authors, at some point in their career, get asked who influenced them as a writer. The question came up again in a round-about way this afternoon with a writing cohort. And because of the way we got to the question, I realized I’ve been answering the question all wrong. Maybe I’m not […]

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Whither Parminder Nagra

There are certain actors who I will always cheer when they get a steady gig. Actors for whom I wish to create dream projects for when they are inexplicably between roles. Parminder Nagra is one of those. I’ve been a fan since Bend it Like Beckham. And though I never watched a single episode of […]

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