Whither Parminder Nagra

There are certain actors who I will always cheer when they get a steady gig. Actors for whom I wish to create dream projects for when they are inexplicably between roles. Parminder Nagra is one of those. I’ve been a fan since Bend it Like Beckham. And though I never watched a single episode of […]

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Fringe Candy: Box of Boogers

“Blog about candy,” the little voice in the back of my head told me ages ago. “You love weird candy! How could this possibly go wrong?” Last October a good friend presented me with a box of candy she had picked up. Saw it and thought of me. Had to get it for me. Needed […]

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My Two Cents: 47 Ronin

There are only two reasons I’m likely to review a movie. One: it’s a small movie I enjoyed that deserves a bigger audience. Two: it’s a big movie that defies expectations where I see people missing the point and piling on the hate-train. With the pretty big ad campaign, you can guess which category 47 […]

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