Publication Announcement

It seems like only yesterday that the Wily Writers website went live, seducing the internet with speculative fiction audio podcasts. My story “Ink Calls to Ink,” about the Steadfast Tin Soldier, Goldilocks, and the Three Bears on the streets of an alternative modern London was one of the first stories posted. It ended up inspiring […]

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Striking (to me) comparisons

I’ve been on a bit of a reading jag lately. These things happen, as from time to time I need to fill up the tank. I’m a big fan of anthologies and single-author short fiction collections in particular. Something about the bite-sized nature makes them easier to digest. I finished (and reviewed) Chuck Wendig’s Irregular […]

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No one said it would be easy

The life of a writer/small-publisher. Not exactly like that of James Bond. Although this past week did see some parallels: Collaborating with co-conspirators (coffee and donuts on Tuesday with fellow authors including Rosemary Jones and Erik Scott de Bie) Sharing tales with a “Handler” and assistant (sushi and cocktails on Wednesday with editor-extreme Jennifer Brozek […]

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Review: Beauty Has Her Way

I love strong women. That’s no secret. I’ll take a competent woman adventurer over a damsel in distress any day. I also love anthologies. Anthologies, as I’m certain someone has said before me, are like a box of chocolates. I picked up Beauty Has Her Way from Dark Quest Books as an informed reader. I […]

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On World Building

I’m a world builder. Maybe it’s the years of being a RPG Game-Master (or DM or Storyteller depending on your system). Making a world real enough for the characters in games to interact with has lent itself to doing the same for my fiction worlds. Sometimes the world is built in big sections before the […]

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

2010 was the Year of Anthologies. Most of my time was spent writing for anthologies, and it was certainly rewarding. Many of them came out this year (Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, Rigor Amortis, Cobalt City Timeslip, and Cthulhurotica) while a few more are coming out next year (Rock is Dead, Night Mantled: Best […]

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I got your Thor right here!

I love Thor. The idea that a Nordic god has been kicking around in the Marvel Universe for decades fills me with a sort of geeky glee. That said, I haven’t been a huge fan of the comics. I’ve always loved the concept more than what they did with him as a general rule. Several […]

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Tis the season

Specifically, tis the season to wrap up projects from this year and begin planning for the next. It’s also the season to socialize at any number of holiday gatherings. If you’re lucky, you can roll those two things together and have a great time. You know, just like I did last night! Book Publishers Northwest […]

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2011 Planning

Most of the planning at this point is being done for Timid Pirate Publishing. As a collective with several moving parts, the more foresight, the better. But I’m also doing a bit of planning for myself, particularly in regards to vacations/conventions (Norwescon, yes; Horror Con, maybe; World Fantasy in San Diego, I hope so; Foolscap, […]

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Lazy Sunday

There are things I could be doing right now — things I could have been doing all day, come to think of it. I have writing that needs to be tackled, both fiction and support material for the web site. I could be pimping Cobalt City Timeslip at the local book stores. I could even […]

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