Joys of the Shared Universe

I’ve been in a Cobalt City state of mind recently. Seeing as how I’m deep in edits on the new Dark Carnival anthology for this fall, writing new podcast scripts, and formatting one of the novels, it makes sense that the city would be on my mind. But the fun thing is that Cobalt City […]

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June 2011 – State of the Nate

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Sounds like the perfect time for an update! Writing: I took the initiative to re-prioritize a few projects, so that bought me a bit of breathing room. I have two stories out making the rounds and one I need to revise and resubmit. I have […]

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Soundtrack for Writing – Nirvana

If you’ve ready my other, somewhat irregular Soundtrack for Writing posts (all conveniently located in the Music category on the right), you know the drill. I talk about writing, and how music from the mentioned artist has inspired various stories or writing breakthroughs. That’s not entirely the case with Nirvana. It’s not that I don’t […]

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Back to the future, sort of

It’s not that I don’t write much science fiction. It’s more that I write across a wide swath of genre, so the love is spread pretty randomly. Looking back at the past year, it’s been mostly horror and urban fantasy. The last pure sci-fi story I wrote was “Deacon Carter’s Last Dime,” for Crossed Genres. […]

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Mile markers and the road ahead

For short stories, I have two finished drafts due by the 15th. Just under two weeks to go, and the first draft of one is finished, while the first draft of the other is about 1/3 done. The deadline for those stories doesn’t seem as daunting as it did a week ago. More importantly, the […]

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Amazing company!

I just received news from the always brilliant and charming Richard Baron that my story “Frames of Reference” made Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mention list for 2010. I have two, very different thoughts on this, the first being if you’re unfamiliar with Richard Baron, go read his stuff. Seriously. His story “The Cry in the Darkness” […]

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