My Brain–My Enemy

I’d like to state for the record: fucking brain. I’d also like to warn you that this post goes to some dark places. But these are dark times, my pretties, and I’m not the boss of you. In my 50 or so years on this little ball of mud, I’ve learned a couple of little […]

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Old Hipster Recommends: Chicano Soul

Hey, if you checked out Monday’s Timeline Cleanse, you might have seen this one coming. I blame YouTube. But I’d like to preface this meta-recommendation with the note of, “GodDAMN I’m happy that there are still bands out there making early vintage-sounding soul music.” I know y’all love it too. Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, St. […]

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Timeline Cleanse Digest (11-4-19)

Welcome to your weekly timeline cleanse. It’s November so as usual, I’m writing another goddamned novel. That means a lot of what I’m listening to is the playlist I’ve built for the book along with associated music. The current work in progress is a road piece, so there’s a lot of roots, Americana, and road […]

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Review: The Evil Within

It’s always this way–as we approach Halloween season, I fall down the rabbit hole of horror. Since my cohort (who is not a big horror fan) is in classes several nights a week, that gives me a lot of time to explore some of the nooks and crannies of the genre. I like to mix […]

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