Karaoke @ The Pie Hole

boozeThere are few things I miss more in the new Age of ‘Rona than karaoke.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to host informal karaoke gatherings–remotely from the safety of everyone’s own home. This will be achieved through a combination of Zoom and Watch2Gether as well as YouTube’s vast collection of karaoke videos.

Read on if you’re interested!

I will maintain a calendar for the virtual karaoke room at the bottom of this page, so check back now and then. For maxium enjoyment, each session is limited to 15 participants to make for an uncluttered rotation. The intention is to create a fun, informal space for friends and maybe strangers to belt out a few favorite songs safely from home. Feel free to provide your own refreshments.

Instructions are presented below.

  1. Join this Zoom Meeting (so we can see and hear each other): [Link will be sent to participants via email]
  2. Join this Watch2Gether Room (so we can watch the same karaoke videos at the same time): [The Pie Room]
  3. At the top of the Watch2Gether room is a search bar. Type in your song title and select one of the results that populate below the playback window. Add it to the queue by clicking the + symbol.
  4. When your song comes up, sing!

I will be hosting a minimum of once a week, primarily from 7 PM – 10 PM (Pacific Time) though I might throw in a few short afternoon sessions from time to time. If you’d like to attend any particular session, drop me an email at:

TheNathanCrowder@gmail.com and put “Karaoke” in the subject line.

I will then hold space for you and send the link a day or so before the session.

I am doing this as a free service because I miss the energy of a karaoke night. But Zoom hosting isn’t free and this site refuses to host a PayPal button. But I’d be grateful for anyone who feels moved by the spirit to throw a few bucks at my PayPal to support the effort: bebopdiablo @ yahoo.

September Karaoke Night Schedule:

Saturday, September 5th (7pm-10pm Pacific)

Wednesday, September 9th (7pm-10pm Pacific)

Sunday Matinee Sunday, September 13th (2pm-4pm Pacific)

Saturday, September 19th (7pm-10pm Pacific)

Wednesday, September 23rd (7pm-10pm Pacific)


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