Timeline Cleanse Digest (11-25-19)

cropped-img_20170606_070121_652.jpgHey folks!

After a few weeks off, I figured we could all use a timeline cleanse on deck, what with this being Thanksgiving week and all!

By the time this posts, I’ll be on my way out to the midwest to see family for the holidays, so who knows–maybe I’ll need to revisit these videos myself this week!

Going to start off with a little ska, because it always makes my day better. I once saw it mentioned that “ska is the music that plays in a 13 yr old’s head when he gets extra mozzarella sticks.” I can’t argue with it. The mastermind of Skatune Network is a young, talented as hell multi-instrumentalist who covers a lot of cartoon and video game songs, but in fine ska tradition, other popular tunes. Here’s a good taste, and I would encourage you to pledge his Patreon if you like what you hear.

Speaking of cover songs, I cannot get enough of The Main Squeeze. Their vocalist is a dynamo and their guitarist is on a whole other plane of existence. And after the week we just had, I need a little bit of Sam Cooke. You do too.

And on the topic of timely cover songs, I’m not ashamed to admit that Chicano Batman came to my attention because of this cover, used in a liquor commercial a few years ago. I love it unequivocally. Got the chance to see them play The Crocodile a few years ago and loved them live.

By curious coincidence, the opening band for that Chicano Batman show was 79.5, who then backed up Chicano Batman throughout the show. They’re excellent and impossible to define. Imagine my surprise when I heard this song used in the opening of the new Kat Dennings show Dollface on Hulu. It was a great reminder for me. Check them out. And put your eyes on Dollface if you have Hulu. It’s a charming, surreal show about female friendships.

Wow… I went down a rabbit hole on new (to me music) today! Never heard of With Strangers before this morning, but I’m hooked now. And they have a fun, fresh, high-energy sound to help clean off your turkey week blues.

Speaking of new music, check out Thee Lakesiders. East L.A. soul that sounds like it fell through a wormhole from the 60’s. Holy doodle, they deliver the goods! Hypnotic and dreamy.

And we’re going to end it with another Latinx soul act, Thee Sinseers who I just discovered today and will be enjoying for weeks to come. If people tell you there’s no good new music being made these days, or no respect for classic tunes, this is proof that they’re wrong.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And don’t take any guff from those turkeys!

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