Timeline Cleanse Digest (11-4-19)

2010, Lakeview Drive-in, Lake Chelan

Welcome to your weekly timeline cleanse.

It’s November so as usual, I’m writing another goddamned novel. That means a lot of what I’m listening to is the playlist I’ve built for the book along with associated music. The current work in progress is a road piece, so there’s a lot of roots, Americana, and road music on there.

I figured I’d share some of them here for your timeline cleanse. Because who couldn’t use a little bit of road music now and then?

I don’t know exactly why this song ended up on the playlist. I heard it on a TV show the other day and it immediately spoke to me. It captured a bit of the spirit of the novel despite not really fitting my initial criteria. But who doesn’t love the Shangri-Las?

The Bodeans are quintessential Americana to me. I’ve been a big fan of these Wisconsin rockers for decades. So here’s a recent live recording of one of my favorites.

This, from the Counting Crows, was the first song I picked for the playlist. For reasons that will become apparent when the book is read.

Speaking of road music, there’s a reason I had The Jayhawks in the car stereo forever. Great song and thematically appropriate.

And playlist or not, you need this song in your life. Toad the Wet Sprocket was too good to go away forever. So happy to know they’re still together making music.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a road music mix without The Boss! Crank up this great live recording. You won’t regret it.

Hope you all have a fantastic week! Stay safe and stay sane!


This isn’t on the playlist but believe me, it will brighten your day. I’m thinking this might be my new personal theme song. I subscribed to his Patreon 5 minutes after discovering him and if you like Ska, you will do the same. Simply 10 pounds of talent in a 5 pound bag.

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