Timeline Cleanse Digest (10-21-19)


Last week, I decided to remove myself from one of the large social-media platforms for a variety of reasons not really worth going into here. I’d been considering doing it for quite a while, actually. The reason I waited so long was that I had certain friends and associates with whom that platform was my primary point of contact. And while I like sharing memes, links, and news tidbits with them, the benefits were far outweighed by the negatives.

Which brings me to the Timeline Cleanse.

It was one of the things I liked doing on there. A periodic musical or short video non-sequitur to cleanse the palate of all the bad crap cycling through the news feed. I like being informed. I like being aware of what’s going on the world. But damn, it can be dreary sometimes. The Timeline Cleanse served that purpose. And while I could still do that on Twitter, to a degree, not everyone uses Twitter. And, let’s be honest, that place can be a flaming sewage plant some days. No amount of Timeline Cleanse can fix that.

Instead, I’ve decided to do it in a digest format. This is the first of those.

Once a week, early Monday morning, I hope to have a timeline cleanse up with several bits of sunshine and beauty that you can ration throughout your week when you need some joy to keep the wheels moving. It might be new music. It might be old music. It might be an adorable animal video. Hopefully, they’re as useful for your emotional well being as they are to mine.

We’ll let the spirit guide us, okay?

I woke up with this in my head. It had me singing and dancing in the kitchen as I made breakfast. Even got it stuck in my cohort’s head, for which I’m not proud. I had one of the old Yen Wor karaoke crew make me sing this years ago and it’s been a favorite since.

I’ve been a fan of Asa for several years and was beyond delighted to see she has a new album out. Find it on your own time. It’s worth it. This is a favorite live, stripped-down recording of a favorite older song of hers. It’s from German television in 2011, so it has a bit of lead in that I have skipped over for your benefit. You’re welcome.

Here’s a bit of a longer, softer cleans. Less of a scrub, more of a luxurious soak. It’s the legendary Shirley Horn, a jazz artist who sadly more people should be aware of. This live recording, from the Heineken Concerts in 1999, does not exist on a CD or album, sadly. It is the definitive interpretation of this song, originally a Bossa Nova staple made famous by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Sheer luxury, perfect for a rainy day and a cup of tea.

Listen, I love this band. Joe Pernice, previously of the Scud Mountain Boys crafts Beatlesesque pop gems with some of the most clever of lyrics. Imagine my delight to hear this one used for a paint company commercial a few years ago!

Because more people need to know about Stella Donnelly, I figured I’d share a shimmering, silver solo live performance of this one. Get on the Stella train now. She’s going to blow the fuck up soon.

Holy doodle, what a beautiful song and video. I am stunned. Give into the beauty of Kishi Bashi and it will make your day better.

Finally, in case any of you need a soundtrack for hijinks or a caper, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band has you covered.

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