Coming in 2018: A Bit of Joy & Hope

Morning Light, Greenwood
Earlier this week, I realized that I knew an inexcusable number of smart, weird, inventive, & creative people. People who create all kinds of art because they love creating art. Like me, most of them are grinding it out in the gaps between day jobbery.

I felt with as much horror as is going on around us in the world, we could all benefit with some light against the darkness. To that end, I’ve decided to run an interview series here on my page starting in 2018. The goal is to post a nine question interview every week. At this point, I’m set for the first twelve weeks, and I’ll be contacting more people soon. I’ve even redesigned my site to soften it a bit.

To quote RENT, “The opposite of war isn’t peace–it’s creation.”

So here’s to celebrating creation in the coming year, with an ever expanding list of writers, visual artists, musicians, and dancers.

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