Whither Parminder Nagra

Parminder Nagra as Meera Malik from NBC's The Blacklist
Parminder Nagra as Meera Malik from NBC’s The Blacklist

There are certain actors who I will always cheer when they get a steady gig.

Actors for whom I wish to create dream projects for when they are inexplicably between roles.

Parminder Nagra is one of those. I’ve been a fan since Bend it Like Beckham. And though I never watched a single episode of E.R., I thought she was delightful in Alcatraz (along side Jorge Garcia who I also include in this category of favorite actors).

So it was with great joy that I saw her join the cast of NBC’s The Blacklist as tough-as-nails CIA agent Meera Malik. It’s a solid show and they make a lot of smart story decisions on it. Plus, who doesn’t love watching James Spader chew scenery?

If you’re a fan of the show and aren’t caught up or think you might like it but haven’t seen an episode yet, I suggest you stop reading now. Because beyond here lie spoilers.

Seriously. Last chance.


Ok, if you’re still with me, Ms. Nagra is likely looking for work right now and I’m going to deeply miss her character. Agent Malik was excellent and I’m sad to see the last of her on the show.

With that in mind, I’ve turned my mind to come up with three new TV projects she’d be great for. If you’re a producer, call me and we’ll work something out. But really, call her and cast an amazing and versatile actor.

  1. Untitled Contemporary Supernatural Mystery — Parminder and uncast bookish guy are a married couple who used to work for a top secret government agency handling supernatural threats. He was the occultist. She was the muscle. But they’ve seen too much crazy shit and have decided to retire to a quiet town on the coast of Washington where they intend to write a book about their experiences. Gradually they come to realize there is more going on in the town than they could have ever imagined, and that there’s a reason their former supervisor agreed to the retirement in this hotbed of cults and world-ending supernatural conspiracy. Think of it as Eureka by way of H.P. Lovecraft.
  2. Untitled Fantasy Project — Parminder stars as the warrior priest of Mahrut, the Inside-Out God of Madness in a lush fantasy adventure with a tropical tone. She travels around the jungles, high mountains, rugged coasts, and wild rivers with the occasional accompaniment of a young priest of the God of Thresholds. What adventure lurks in the City of Stone Faces or the City of Bright Feathers? Magic. Action. Intrigue. Demonic talking animals. Think Game of Thrones meets Jungle Book without all the rape and snow.
  3. Untitled Sports Drama Project — A devoted mother in a Michigan town that loves it’s hockey, Parminder Nagra takes over coaching her son’s hockey team when the regular coach storms out of the rink. Her command of the team impresses a minor-league hockey manager whose son is on the other team that she beats. Needing to fill a gap, he offers her a job as assistant coach to his struggling minor-league team. Throughout the first season, she has to earn the team’s respect and the respect of the town while balancing her duties as a wife and mother.

There you go, world. Make this happen.

I’d certainly watch the hell out of all of them.

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