Coins of Chaos Open House at Bitten By Books

Two faces of Buddha.
Two faces of Buddha.
This amazing little anthology I was part of is now live, and Bitten By Books is hosting an open house where you can ask questions and interact with all the authors. All through the glory of the interwebs!

During and after the great depression Hobo Nickels were traded for food, sex, shelter, and power.

In Coins of Chaos, twenty seemingly ordinary nickles are carved with dark representations of world evils and imbued with magical powers that transform the deliciously macabre bits of lost art into carriers of death, destruction, and ill luck.

Where the hobo nickels go, so does the Carver’s will. Each cursed coin is filled with his malice and a desire for destruction.

And with each life ruined… the Carver’s life goes on…

My story in particular deals with the punk music scene in Minneapolis in the 80’s because that’s always been something I wanted to play with.

There’s even a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card if you take part!

Stop by, say howdy, ask a question. We’d love to see you!

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