Sale announcement — Golden Stag and Fire Bright

By Faerie Light from Broken Eye Books

I’m delighted to announce a most unexpected story sale to the fine, fine folks over at Broken Eye Books. Unexpected because I didn’t realize I had this story in me until I realized I’ve been waiting a while to write this.

Featuring the roguish captain from the Azure Isles, Densin du Mer, “Golden Stag and Fire Bright” draws from a nightmare I had some time ago. And while I always sort of knew the blazing figures from that nightmare were fae, the context of the dream had been more sci-fi than anything else. It didn’t occur to me until I sat down that they perfectly illustrated the terrifying majesty of the Doonda Sidhe in Densin’s world.

And since I’m currently writing an epic fantasy novel in which both Densin and the Doonda Sidhe will be appearing, I couldn’t resist putting them together.

The end result is a dark little tale of men and mythology, of adventure and avarice.

It also marks the first publication of a story set in my Anwat world, where I have so many more stories to tell.

By Faerie Light will be coming out later this year. I encourage you to check our either it or anything from this fun small publisher in the near future. I’m very excited to be a part of this one, folks.

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