NaNo Prep 2011

Cthulhu Abides. Green Arrow pint glass is optional.
With only a few days left before November’s noveling insanity begins, how does a seasoned veteran of the NaNo trenches prepare?

Here’s a glimpse behind the curtain.

  • Cast list and outline: November takes no prisoners, and it’s no time to plot, so I get that all done before hand. Keeps me from getting lost in the snow and eaten by wolves.
  • Create a soundtrack: This is background music to put me in the right headspace. Ideally, I have the playlist on a portable device that I can link to the home system so I can get in the zone at home or on the road.
  • Stock in supplies: You know what sucks when you have a few thousand words to write? Having to get groceries to feed yourself. I make sure I have plenty of coffee, creamer, booze, brown rice, a rainbow of dried legumes for the crock pot, frozen fish, frozen vegies, and a few convenience items before November hits.
  • A Viking Funeral: Or less melodramatically, one good night with friends and family with a good labor-intensive meal. Because those are going to be few and far between in November.
  • Line up writing events: The forums are great to help find write-ins and other writing-like events in your area. Suffering is done better in groups.
  • Line up any remaining vacation days: Arrange some time in advance where you might be able to catch up or take a breather if you need one. I think of little one-day vacations as rest stops on the way to the novel.

Now you know!

Ed. And thanks to the ever-astute Adam Israel for pointing out that I originally dated this post for 2012. While November is no time for editing, I’m making an exception because it’s still October. Sheesh.

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