The Post Foolscap Game Films

Another Foolscap has come and gone, and I am left facing the inevitable approach of Autumn with memories and a stack of business cards and bookmarks. I did the math on Saturday night, sitting at the far end of a 15 person (approximately) dinner party with Omaha Sternberg, Janna Silverstein, Rosemary Jones, and Phoebe Matthews and realized it was my fourth appearance at the con. In that time, Foolscap has become one of my favorite conventions, one that I never miss. And the dinner that night was part of the reason why. There we were, over a dozen speculative fiction writers, editors, and family, just shooting the breeze over Italian food in the quiet time between round-table style panels. If I could spend every Saturday night with those folks, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

For one, it gave me a full weekend to be an author in the company of other authors in a more intimate setting than the larger conventions. And that’s awesome, because I love other creative types. Secondly, I got to do so with a good mix of people I know and new faces. Friends and fellow writing group members Jeremy Zimmerman and Torrey Podmajersky were there, as was the talented Jerry Minor who I only see at conventions where I pick up at least a piece or two a year. Matt Youngmark of Chooseomatic books was there with his wife, both of whom I met because of Foolscap LAST year, and I got to see him give a dramatic interpretation of the first issue of Avengers on a panel, so that’s a solid win. New this year were the local author Folly Blane and metal & enamel artist Elizabeth Adams. (Hanging out with both of them in the bar late Saturday night was yet another highlight, even though it made some of us late to panels we wanted to see.)

My own panels went just smoothly enough to get discussions flowing without, for the most part, becoming confrontational. With a program docket that ranged from intelligent marital aids to finding beauty in decay, I feel I got the full spectrum of experience in the discussion arena. And the writing workshop on Friday was exceptional–and here I'm just talking about the 3 sessions I attended, not the one I ran. The one I ran, leading it off with a 90 minute novel plotting section, was productive, on time, and, I would hope, helpful for people. They certainly seemed to be taking a lot of notes.

Other things gleaned from the weekend:

  • In a 25 chapter novel outline, chapter 12 is where the sex happens.
  • I need a t-shirt that just abbreviates that to “Chapter 12 is where the sex happens.
  • The hotel breakfast buffet is SPENDY. Lesson learned.
  • One of these days I’m going to make it to the con suite. They bake fresh bread there all day.
  • And one of my fellow authors listed above, and who shall not be named, has a tail which they use to open jars.
  • I can’t prove the thing about the tail, but I’m inclined to trust the person who told me.
  • Apparently, I still blush when I relate my story of reading “The Fishwives of Sean Brolly” from Cthulherotica last year.
  • I have stay in touch with more of these people year round rather than just once or twice a year.
  • Foolscap 14 can’t get here soon enough.

10 thoughts on “The Post Foolscap Game Films

    1. Can’t believe I forgot that bit!
      Good times indeed. Very glad to have met another entertaining (in more ways than one) author in our neck of the woods. You’re definitely on the proverbial guest-list now. You know, for proverbial free time when writing isn’t taking priority.

    1. Some t-shirts are longer than others.

      So, “Sean Brolly”–there’s a story there. The short version, I read it immediately following one of the sweetest authors you’ve ever met who read the first chapter of her charming Regency fantasy novel then did a cute puppet show. She then sat across the table from me as I read the darkest, most sexual story I’ve ever had published.

      So, yeah, there’s that.

      And thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award! 😀

      1. You’re most welcome!

        😀 Ok, that’s a pretty cool story. 🙂 Sounds quite embarassing, but you were tough to just keep on reading. 🙂 Good job.

        The t-shirt slogan could be in two lines. 🙂

      2. I remember sitting in that panel last year, thinking that it actually was a good, ah.. contrast! I really missed the writer “Strut” panels this year… Next year I will need to budget for a hotel room so I can get to the late-night events.

      3. Yes, contrast is a good word for it. 🙂

        I missed the Strut panels this year also. There was some talk among a few various attendees about doing guerrilla readings in the lounge/bar area, but to the best of my knowledge that didn’t happen. Maybe next year.

        I’m thinking of staying at the hotel next year also. It will make the transition between late-night panels, social goofiness, and early mornings a bit easier. Even staying as late as I did Saturday night, the drive with the 520 bridge closed was a huge time-suck.

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