Life of a Con(vention) Artist

Giant Bluebells at 7th and Union, Seattle

Foolscap is coming up next weekend.

If you’re not familiar with the Foolscap convention, answer these three questions: Do you like sci-fi/fantasy fiction and art? I’m not talking movies or tv, here. I mean the flat stuff. Are you a writer or artist of the above either a) just getting your foot in the door, or b) with a ken for low-key networking? Would you like to sit in a small workshop/panel about the industry without having to jostle for space with a Klingon just to get there? Do you want to soak up the genre for a few days without feeling overwhelmed by the other few thousand (or tens of thousands) of people there for just that same thing?

If you answered to any of the above, Foolscap is what you’re looking for. This and Norwescon, two sides of the same coin. Since discovering it a few years ago, I never miss it.

I just got my panel list for the weekend. And apparently, I’m going to be pretty busy next weekend.

Friday is my casual day–I get to run a short workshop on novel plotting at 10am. I’ve run something similar for friends and contacts for the past few years, but this will be my first “formal” run in a convention workshop setting. I’m super excited. Notes have been printed and I’ll be refreshing myself on the workshop tonight.

Then Saturday and I hit the ground running.
10am, a panel on sexy androids. Expect Roi from my Space Tramps story “Odd Jobs” to get a mention.
11am is a panel called Rust Never Sleeps: The Theme of Decay which should be a blast.
That gives me 3 hours for networking and lunch before Dreams in the New Depression at 3. With all the reading I’ve been doing for Timid Pirate’s next anthology, a more hopeful look at the post-apocalypse, I’m feeling prepared.
Then more time for networking and dinner and a fun little nightcap of a panel at 8pm about Real World Advancement Systems. My inner Bard is thrilled. My inner Urban Ranger will be plotting out a route home and how much I can drink to still do so safely.

Sunday at 11am I have the much anticipated Blind Spots in SF Fandom: When We’re not as Open Minded as We Think We Are, followed by Writer Inspiration: What Inspires You to Write? at 2pm.

A full weekend indeed. And not a dud among any of the panels I know about. The full panel list should be posted sometime before too long. But why wait? Get your ticket now and come join the fun!

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