Well lookee there! It’s a virtually extinct creature called a writing post!

2010, Lakeview Drive-in, Lake Chelan
I know. I’ve been bad. Projects eating my time–and by default my brain. I haven’t even updated with a Fringe Candy post, and I have so many things to share on that topic thanks to a care package of weird candy from a fellow candy deviant.

But there’s a thing that separates writers from sane people. A sane person might have a nightmare then wake up, and think, “That was messed up!” If the nightmare is bad enough, they might hold onto the memory for a bit. Most of time they turn back into dream fog before you hit the snooze button the 3rd time. After all, nightmares–dreams in general–are kind of like the de-frag program for your brain, running while you sleep. Probably keeps us from going crazy. What the hell do I know? What I do know is that anywhere other than Elm Street, they

But to a writer, that can be like candy. Especially if it’s a nightmare. Especially if you write horror.

Take this dandy from last night. Go ahead and take a look. It’s short. I can wait.

I can get two, maybe three stories out of that one little brain nugget if I need to. In the meantime, it’s written down and filed. And if nothing else, I’ll use one or both of those menaces to scare the bejesus out of my 4th ed DnD game. But chances are, the Burning Hunt and the Wolf-Bears are going to make an appearance in the next fantasy piece I write. Heck I might even go Sci-fi.

Lesson for the day, kiddies–inspiration is everywhere, even when you’re sleeping. So pay attention, and take notes!

One thought on “Well lookee there! It’s a virtually extinct creature called a writing post!

  1. That was some dream. You conveyed it very well. Maybe it did have something to do with your apocalyptic reading, just maybe.

    Writing mainly horror, I completely agree about dreams being our candy! I can feed off of one dream and spin it until it meets my needs for one, maybe two, stories.

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