Step right up!

Get your tickets. The Carnival is coming for you soon.

It feels like the Timid Pirate crew has been working on this forever, but the day is finally here where I can reveal the lineup for the Dark Carnival!

Table of Contents

  • Apples and Arrows by Minerva Zimmerman
  • Funhouse by Erik Scott de Bie (featuring Stardust)
  • Harrigan the Magnificent by Matt Adams
  • Custody Battle by Charlie Kenmore (featuring Dr. Shadow)
  • Call and Response by Catherine and Andrew Warren (featuring Knockabout)
  • Dance with the Devil by Ashley Bates (featuring Libertine)
  • Unexpected Sparx by Dawn Vogel (featuring Kara Sparx and Lumien)
  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t by Amber Keller (featuring Mister Grey)
  • Fortunes for the Brave Heart by Rosemary Jones (featuring Wild Kat)
  • Snowflake’s Chance in Hell by Jeremy Zimmerman (featuring Snowflake)
  • Carnival Heart by Nathan Crowder, Erik Scott de Bie, Rosemary Jones, Dawn Vogel, and Jeremy Zimmerman (featuring Louis Malenfant among others)

Featuring a mix of established heroes alongside new characters, the Carnival Pomme D’or includes everything you expect from an evil carnival. Inside these pages you will see fortune tellers, acrobatics, wonders of the ancient world, mischievous puppets, malevolent rides, a deceptive halls of mirrors, tasty fried treats, love found and lost, magicians, and evil from beyond space and time.

Publication is expected this fall, in plenty of time for Halloween! Check out Timid Pirate for all the details.

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