Pros & Cons: Looking at the 2012 Schedule

Get your tickets! The Dark Carnival is coming!
This year, many of my writing compatriots winged off to Austin for World Horror Con the week after Norwescon. Not only was Joe Lansdale there one of the featured guests, it was in Austin! Of all the cities in Texas, it’s the only one I would consider going to. So I made a vow that I would go to the convention in 2012. I mean, I write horror, and I know several awesome people in the horror writing game. Why wouldn’t I go?

But I’m not just a horror writer. I’m also a publisher with a big secret project on the fire for next year that has nothing to do with horror. The Emerald City Comic Con is the ideal place to feature that. Plus, it’s here, and we can get a table and really work the promotion. Seems like a no-brainer.

Then the calendar bent me over the sofa and took me roughly from behind.

Seems both conventions are the same weekend in 2012. So unless I have the powers of Jamie Madrox

…nope. Apparently I am not Multiple Man. It has to be one or the other. One offers me the chance to promote Timid Pirate and three of its authors. The other is just to promote myself and would end up costing four times as much. Add to this, several new things to promote for Timid Pirate, and I don’t even have a pure horror novel to pitch (ok, Bridge is pretty close, but could also be Urban Fantasy). Sometimes the obvious choice seems more painful because it’s so obvious.

I had to do Emerald City. That meant the one big, international writing convention I had on my tentative plans was bound for the scrap pile.

Thankfully there are other conventions. In fact, there are other conventions in 2012 which are just as big and important that I hadn’t even considered until last night. After 3 minutes on the web, I found my alternate – World Fantasy Con 2012 in Toronto, Canada. And I’ll be honest, it looks like a better choice for a number of reasons. One, no conflict. Two, the novels I have to pitch are urban fantasy – one of the two themes of this particular convention. Three – much later in the season to get polishing on the novels done. Four – Toronto, not Salt Lake City which is all I have to say about that. Five – and this is probably the most important, it gives me more time to squirrel away money to pay for the trip.

So here’s the projected convention schedule for 2012. I might toss something in during the summer, but it remains to be seen.
Emerald City Comic Con (March 30-April 1st)
Norwescon (April 5-8)
Gencon (August) very tentative
Foolscap (September)
World Fantasy Con (November 1-4)

Looks like 2012 is going to be a busy year!

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