Oh dios mio! It’s Gato Loco!

The advantages of having an Art Director as part of Timid Pirate are numerous. Among those advantages is the occasional surprise Gato Loco art that shows up in my inbox.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present everyone’s favorite cycle-riding vigilante detective, astride his bike, Shadow, courtesy of J. Madmardigan.

The devil rides tonight!

3 thoughts on “Oh dios mio! It’s Gato Loco!

  1. I think the frustration I often have with this version of Gato Loco is that the helmet looks neither cat-like nor as though its yowling. It just looks too much like a lamprey to me.

    But then, I can be picky that way. You are, obviously, the expert on what Gato Loco looks like. 😉

    1. I view it as a great interpretation. It captures the “Holy shit!” a criminal might feel when seeing Gato Loco. Especially in Greetings From Buena Rosa, he’s described by the corrupt cops as almost demon-like.

      In my head, the platonic ideal of the Gato design has yet to be fully tapped. For instance, I will always see one comically large eye design on one side, with a smaller eye on the other. But helmet aside, this feels like Gato…certainly post-Protectorate Gato, when he’s a bit harder edged and darker.

      And don’t be talking shit about Quietly. The man is a swaggering, dick-swinging artistic god. 😉

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