The City Goes Digital

Doctor Shadow making a house call

The literary incarnation of the Cobalt City universe began with the single novel, Cobalt City Blues.

It’s been in print with three different editions – the first one made primarily printed for a handful of friends several years back.

Then it was given a thorough edit and rewrite when I wrote the prequel, Chanson Noir, and re-released.

And when Timid Pirate Publishing started out, it was always the intention of making the back catalog of Cobalt City novels out with revised editions. The print version of Cobalt City Blues came out earlier this year. But we aren’t blind to the way that publishing has changed over the past 5 years. It took a little doing and a little learning, but the very first novel-length Cobalt City adventure is now available for the Kindle.

The wrong place at the wrong time, a moment of weakness, an ironic twist of fate — these are all things by which jazz pianist Simon Floyd measures his life. Now dead over seventy years and acting the part of super-hero Mister Grey, Simon wants nothing more than a return to some semblance of his old life. Even if it risks the safety of his friends and fellow heroes in the Protectorate.

Enter Augustus Dei — shadowy power broker with near-limitless power. Thought to be nothing more than a dark whispered fairy-tale told by occultists and lunatics, he has come to Cobalt City with a singular purpose — to help Simon with his unique problem. But is the reluctant hero willing to pay the cost required to get back what was taken from him by the barrel of a gun seven decades ago? And who can predict what chain of events might have been set up by the mischievous madman with millennia to plan?

Book Two of the Protectorate series, Cobalt City Blues is an epic novel of alternate realities, loss, redemption, jazz, super-heroes, and what it means to be human.

It isn’t necessary to read the first book in the series, Chanson Noir. Sure, it gives a bit of context, but it isn’t required. But if you prefer to do things in order, Chanson Noir will be ready for the Kindle in about a week. We’re finally gearing up to do that conversion. The formatting took longer than either me or my editor expected. But if you want to jump in with an over-the top tale of superheroics, we’re here for you.

And on a personal level, it feels great to have the band back together.

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