My Easter Tradition – Norwescon

Bring your children for the greatest show under one tent!

First off, I just realized that my blog acts like a cold-war dead-letter drop! Since I screen comments, anything someone posts sits invisibly for me to read at my leisure, after which I can just delete it and no one is the wiser. If only I knew how to turn this weird tidbit into a play for global domination, I’d consider it.

But that has nothing to do with what’s coming up.

Four days.

Four, glorious, geeky, writerly days.

Glory, but I love Norwescon.

I’m about half-an-hour or so from loading my gear up and locking down the deck of the Sea Rooster. (Yes, I call my apartment the Sea Rooster. What of it?) Then it’s a full on festival of me getting to be a professional author and publisher with a bunch of my fabulous peers. I even brought my copy of “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld” for guest of honor Patricia McKillip to sign.

Besides the networking, panels, and booze, I get to pimp for Timid Pirate, including the Cobalt City Dark Carnival anthology which is still open for submissions. I’m getting more excited about this collection the more time goes on. I also have a few stories in anthologies that either just came out (Human Tales, from which I’ll be reading my story “The Price of Cream” on Friday afternoon) or will be coming out soon (Rock is Dead from Bloodbound Books which just announced their May release plans).

If you’re hanging out in Sea-Tac this weekend, give me a ping! My social dial will be set to 11 for much of the next four days, so I’d love to chat with you! Or share a drink! Or get invited into a 4th ed. D&D game. Just sayin’.

Who knows…I might even update the ol’ blog while I’m down there with a picture of me in a top hat. Stranger things have happened.

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