You can see on this chart…

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The funny thing I think most of us forget about star charts (astrology, horoscopes, etc), is that the negative characteristics they point out shouldn’t be used as excuses. And that should be taken into consideration whether you’re an astrology advocate or not. The negative things are general enough to apply to most people. But again, they shouldn’t be excuses for bad behavior. “Oh, I’m an x so I’m just that way!” Instead, they’re a way of pointing out something that you may want to focus on in an ongoing self-improvement project. And I’m as guilty of forgetting this as anyone.

For instance, I’m a Taurus. Pretty much any generalized write-up your going to see on Taurus will include some combination of “stubborn” or “prone to ruts.”

I have managed to control the stubborn streak for the most part. I’m no longer stubborn for the sake of it.

But that rut thing…jeez, that’s a hard one to snap.

Last night I had a chance to go see a friend’s band, the Randy Hicks Band perform. Watch them here as they totally own “Rolly Polly.” I’ve been meaning to catch them live for a while. But there was always something…either conflicting plans or difficulty of getting to the venue. Last night, they were playing walking distance from me. Really…like 10-12 blocks. I had NOTHING on my calendar, and it wasn’t even raining. I’d been looking forward to it for two weeks.

I got myself ready to go in stages; planned what I was going to wear (Nashville t-shirt from my daughter under an old work shirt), timed the shower so the hair would have time to dry out, arranged what I was going to need for the night (wallet, phone, etc.), and was ready to go with time to spare.

That last hour before I left, I almost changed my mind at least four times. All for no good reason. I wanted to see the band. I didn’t have any pressing schedule issues. The weather was clear. I wasn’t sick. But it was out of the rut, and I’m not comfortable there.

Which is a lie I tell myself. I LOVE getting out of the rut. I genuinely love trying new things, going new places, meeting new people. It damn near takes dynamite to get me out the door, but once I’m out, I’ve rarely had a negative experience. Thus it was last night. Yes, my ears are still ringing, and I drank just a bit too much (but just a bit). But the music, the company, the damn fine Fireball & Cola, the new people I met, the neighborhood faces I wouldn’t have expected to see there…all of it made for a fantastic evening that had me smiling all the way home.

And because of who I am, it inspired a new story as well. All I can tell you is that it will be a mash note of sorts to hot rod rebel rock & roll and the people who made it, set in an alternate 1950’s. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you know how I love music. Very excited to carve this one out so I can share.

Many thanks to the Randy Hicks Band for getting me there in the first place. And many thanks to the Hot Roddin’ Romeos for flipping a switch I might not have otherwise discovered. I look forward to seeing much more from both of them (and the opening act who reminded me of a stripped-down Whiskeytown at times – wish for the life of me I could remember their names!).

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