Publication: new Gato Loco story

Just released last night; Crossed Genres volume 28 – Superheroes issue, including my Gato Loco story “Hard Ride to Yuma.”

Inspired by Arizona’s recent immigration laws, it gave me the chance to do a little side story with one of my favorite characters. It also marks a different breakthrough — this is the first Cobalt City story published outside of Timid Pirate Publishing, which makes it special.

I’ve loved writing the adventures of Manuel de la Vega and his panda sidekick Snowflake for a while. Now that the first two novels are being fine-tuned for a re-release on the Timid Pirate imprint later this spring, I’m starting to write the third book. It excites me almost beyond words to be able to share the character with a whole new set of readers.

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