Publication Announcement

It seems like only yesterday that the Wily Writers website went live, seducing the internet with speculative fiction audio podcasts. My story “Ink Calls to Ink,” about the Steadfast Tin Soldier, Goldilocks, and the Three Bears on the streets of an alternative modern London was one of the first stories posted. It ended up inspiring a novel which is deep in the editing process right now.

But just as the story evolved, the Wily Writers evolved as well, turning out even more, and better fiction, opening up to regular submissions with monthly themes, and now this. Night Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers (Volume 1) just hit Amazon. I’m thrilled that “Ink Calls to Ink” is part of the collection, along with fantastic work by more well respected authors than I can name here. I had the pleasure of reading several of these stories for the recording of the original audio posting, so yeah, I might be a bit sentimental. But for a meager $12.95, I’d be hard pressed to think of another collection that was this good.

Plus, it’s your best chance to get the print version of “Ink Calls to Ink” before the novel is published. 😉

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