No one said it would be easy

The life of a writer/small-publisher. Not exactly like that of James Bond.

Although this past week did see some parallels:

  • Collaborating with co-conspirators (coffee and donuts on Tuesday with fellow authors including Rosemary Jones and Erik Scott de Bie)
  • Sharing tales with a “Handler” and assistant (sushi and cocktails on Wednesday with editor-extreme Jennifer Brozek and Lily Cohen-Moore, respectively)
  • Finalizing a mission (sorting out the acceptances/rejections for our next anthology and formalizing a ToC on Thursday with Timid Pirate editor Caroline Dombrowski)
  • Extensive solo field-work (writing, lots of it, at home and abroad for most of Saturday)
  • Mission de-brief (in person and online with family, decompressing from the week Saturday evening)
  • Long range strategy planning (considering changing publication calender for Timid Pirate for first half of this year just a few minutes ago)

It’s been a long week, hard on the tail of several other long weeks in a row. The upside, I have several stories in the hopper that I’m working on, the Biopunk anthology has a name and a full roster of awesome talent (ToC to be announced on their site when the contracts are all back), and we have more projects in the air than ever before.

Now to relax for a bit before going back on another mission.

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