A new year, a new con schedule

There are so many awesome conventions I’d love to go to this year. World Con in San Diego (Neil freaking Gaiman, people!), or Renovation in Reno, or World Horror Con (Joe Hill and one of my influences Joe Lansdale). But I won’t be going to those. Not unless some kind of miracle happens. As a small publisher, my convention money is largely going to be tied up in publishing expenses, so that limits me.

I’ll be hitting Foolscap in the fall. I never miss Foolscap, held in nearby, lovely Redmond Town Center. And I’ll be taking Norwescon by storm this year, with Timid Pirate Publishing planning to co-host a room party with the regional chapter of a certain writing organization. I figure Biopunk will be out by then, as will Human Tales, so I’ll have two books to promote: the one I published, and the one I’m published in. I’m planning on doing a reading of my Human Tales piece, actually; the labor-relations fable “The Price of Cream.”

But the highlight for Norwescon could very well be the panels. There are a few good ones on superheroes and horror that I volunteered for, as well as one on shared world anthologies which I feel uniquely qualified to discuss. We’ll see. It’s never a boring time.

But in the meantime, I have a novel outline to get back to.

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