Looking Back, Looking Forward

2010 was the Year of Anthologies. Most of my time was spent writing for anthologies, and it was certainly rewarding. Many of them came out this year (Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, Rigor Amortis, Cobalt City Timeslip, and Cthulhurotica) while a few more are coming out next year (Rock is Dead, Night Mantled: Best of the Wily Writers, and Human Tales), to which I’ve provided links on my Publications page where available.

2011 is shaping up to be the Year of the City; specifically Cobalt City.

The Cobalt City will be explored in audio drama format over at Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited starting January 1st. The character of the city will be explored district by district in Cobalt City Neighborhoods, a series of free, monthly stories written by me and some guest star authors which you can download and read over at the Timid Pirate’s Booty page starting mid-month in January. Timid Pirate will also be starting to look at fan (and pro) art submissions for Cobalt City’s established heroes early in 2011. And our most unified anthology ever is set for September — Cobalt City Dark Carnival. (Submission details will be posted soon!)

Meanwhile, we’re still giving out copies of Cobalt City Christmas to anyone who signs up for the Timid Pirate mailing list. Since few people hate spam as much as I do, we’ve decided to limit the newsletters to once a month, thought we might put out an occasional mid-month update if something time-sensitive comes up.

It’s going to be a fantastic year!

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