Welcome to Saturday

Today has been a mixed bag, part writing (more on that in a bit), part house cleaning (very necessary as the mom is visiting next week), and part gabbing about cyberpunk on twitter. I can’t help that last one. I’m a bit of a cyberpunk geek, and the topic was the movie Inception and how it fit into the cyberpunk trope. It was a fascinating conversation, for me at the very least.

As for the writing, it has suffered somewhat. All the distractions will do it. But progress has still been made. I’ve finished 2 of 6 podcast episodes for the second Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited podcast. The first one goes live in January, and I really want the next script all ready to go before the first one starts. This particular story will star Gallows, everyone’s favorite teleporter, with Wild Kat in a major support role. I can’t share too much, but it will shed some light on what happened to the Icons, the super-hero team that protected Cobalt City before the Protectorate. Finally, a bit of the lost history of the universe will be exposed.

I’m going to try and crank out one more episode, then reward myself with a burger at the Baranof. Then again, it’s raining pretty hard out there…maybe I should find something to eat around the house…

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