The next novel

With Ink Calls to Ink out in the hands of beta-readers, and short-term writing commitments nailed down, it’s time to gear up for the next book. I’ve given it some thought, and talked with some of my longest-term readers, and decided to go back to the adventures of everyone’s favorite Mexican cycle-riding vigilante and panda sidekick. Yep, folks. Gato Loco rides again.

The next novel is outlined already. It’s been siting in my to-do pile for almost two years now. I’m going to take a look, tighten it up a bit, then launch into writing some time in January. Titled The Panda Sanction, it will give the long-demanded origin for Snowflake, the force-evolved panda sidekick to Gato Loco. Expect international intrigue, dark secrets, and way too much coffee as our heroes are forced to team up with a former villain in order to stop a female panda assassin from erasing all traces of the program that created Snowflake, including the furry bastard himself!

Yeah. The Panda Sanction. I almost went with The Fast and the Fur-ious but then I thought better of it.

And the timing couldn’t be better, really. The first two Gato Loco novels should be re-released around the time I’m working on the next one!

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