Tis the season

Specifically, tis the season to wrap up projects from this year and begin planning for the next. It’s also the season to socialize at any number of holiday gatherings. If you’re lucky, you can roll those two things together and have a great time. You know, just like I did last night!

Book Publishers Northwest had a shindig at the Barnes & Noble at University Village last night, an “Eat Desert First” sort of shindig. The always awesome Rosemary Jones invited me along, as she’s been involved with them for 10 years, and has been trying to recruit me for at least 2 of those years. Now that I’m a publisher and planning on joining the group in January, this was a good chance to meet the team, as it were. We were met there by fellow author and contributor to Cobalt City Timeslip, Erik Scott de Bie. In between the handshaking, the meeting and greeting of other publishers and the event coordinator for that Barnes & Noble location (expect to hear about a reading sometime soon), we squeezed in a bit of Cobalt City planning for next year.

It was also very encouraging to hear from a publisher with years in the business, 3 imprints, and over 60 titles in his library, that Timid Pirate Publishing has potential to really find and hold a niche. Seems that we’ve anticipated some trends without really trying to. Heck. We just wanted to tell some fun stories.

Now, off to make some light changes to Ink Calls to Ink so I can get that sent out to beta-readers this morning. Enjoy your coffee, and smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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