Bear with me as I get political up in here

I had a mentor and sociology professor in college who used to state, “Any relationship where one person has power over another is a political relationship.” My dad, a bit of a socialist himself, got on great with him and used to call Dennis “the last Maoist west of the Rockies.” To say that they were huge influences on my political upbringing would not be an understatement.

Now, I’ve danced around the political spectrum a bit in my day, but I always seem to come back to New Deal Democrat.

There we go. Allegiances stated, background laid out. Let’s roll up the sleeves and get uncomfortable.

I voted for you, Mr. Obama. It was the first time I voted FOR a major party candidate, and not against one. It was the first time I ever believed in anyone who was running. Even if you lost the election, or worse, even if you won and found yourself blocked by the gridlock of “business of usual” in Congress, I always believed that you would fight the good fight.

And Mr. Obama, if you should, by random fluke read this, let me lay it out for you. I still believe that you have it in you to fight the good fight. You know, the one we elected you to fight. I’m all for the spirit of compromise, but both sides have to be wiling to give. The GOP have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of doing that. You DO read the papers, right? For the most part (at least the most vocal part), they’re acting like a bunch of spoiled toddlers, shouting “NO!” and expecting to get their way. As any good parent should be aware, that can’t be encouraged.

So it gave me hope when you talked about extending middle class tax cuts, but not the tax cuts for the upper 2% of our population. You know, the ones who don’t really need it, and don’t spend the money to benefit the economy anyway. Then you started to waffle a bit. And, I’m not sure how to say this respectfully — I’m starting to worry that you’ve lost your balls.

You know that extending tax cuts for the wealthy is a bad idea. You’ve heard as much from how many advisers, how many independent economists? You’ve even had them come to you and BEG to be taxed, because it’s the financially and morally responsible thing to do.

I know I’m just one more voice, one more voter. In the grand scheme of things, I’m small potatoes. I earn less than 1/6th of where that $250,000 tax line is in a good year. But I am a person who had faith that one person with a dream could make a change. I believed in the change.

But if you don’t grow a spine and kill this extension for the wealthy, you’ve lost me forever. It’s just that simple. Stand by your principles, or I can’t continue to stand behind you.

Yours in hope,
Nathan Crowder

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