On to other projects

It fills me with no small sense of dread not knowing what my next novel is going to be. I have no shortage of big projects to choose from: the final Protectorate book, the next Gato Loco novel, the Buddha Sessions (sequel to the mystery novel I’m about to start shopping), or maybe the first part of the Ravensgate fantasy trilogy.

While I circle those, there are some smaller things I want to clean off my plate first. I have some podcast scripts to knock out for the upcoming Cobalt City Adventures Unlimited podcast. I have a Doctor Shadow story I’m writing for the Neighborhoods project. And I have two short pieces I want to finish: a sword and sorcery story I started in September, and a submission for the Historical Lovecraft anthology that is set in 700 AD Morocco.

Oh, and somewhere in there: Christmas, a week-long visit from my daughter and mom, getting a new campaign prepped for 2012, and setting up OTHER projects that I’m collaborating on with other writers. After finishing the novel, how hard could it be?

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