Marathon writing weekend

I’m within 10,000 words of the end of Ink Calls to Ink. Actually, if my earlier estimates are to be believed, I may be within 8,000 words of the end.

I have a name for this phase. It’s called “The Point of No Return.” Yes, it sounds dire. If you are my sleep, peace of mind, or anyone wishing to spend time with me until the novel is done, it is particularly dire. It is that magical tipping point where can’t stop writing, where my time is consumed with burning through to the end. With Greetings from Buena Rosa, it was the last 8,000 words, written in one overnight blaze of inspiration and coffee. I was a wreck the next day, but it was a weekend, so who cares. My hope is that no matter what happens from this point out, I’m together enough that it doesn’t mess me up for work on Monday. Fingers are crossed.

Let’s see…where do we sit in the plot? Our party is fractured, Juliet is a captive guest of the enemy, Kate and Judas have split from the main forces to try and stop David, the Reader with the “secret knowledge” that is so dangerous, and the Steadfast Soldier and Medea are pinned down, watching Don Quixote challenge Galahad to a fight that he can not possibly hope to win.

Blood is about to be spilled. Death is on the wind.

And I have a novel to finish.

So, if you’ll excuse me.

2 thoughts on “Marathon writing weekend

    1. The more I keep in the practice of writing, the fast I get, up to a certain point. And when I get near the end of a big project, it turns in to a bit of an avalanche. Now I need to figure out what the next book project will be. 🙂

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