A non-ironic Thanksgiving Day post, for a change

You know you’ve seen them; the posts and comments from people, stating they’re thankful for this or that, written like it’s an obligation. It’s like they’re trying to make someone happy. That half-forced thanks you give your aunt on Christmas when she gives you a kitten sweater. I don’t mean to say that they’re insincere, but if not for today, a day of “giving thanks,” it might be a quick, “Thanks, dude,” rather than a public display.

I don’t know. I’m rambling. The coffee hasn’t hit me yet and I’m in the process of steaming sweet potatoes for dinner. Yes. Sweet potatoes, not yams. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now they’re staring at me, all pale lifeless. I should have gone with yams. No point in deviating from the known road.

All of which is beside the point.

I have some people, and the universe as a whole, to thank. It’s not an obligation. It’s an honor.

For my mom, thank you for reminding me where I came from and keeping me grounded.
For my kids, thank you for giving me hope. If even 10% of your generation is as cool, smart, confident, and capable as you are, this world will be just fine.
For my Seattle family, thank you for so much…for being family and everything that entails.
For my partners in Timid Pirate Publishing, thank you setting sail with me on this fascinating venture. I could not have done this without the two of you, and can hardly wait to see where the journey takes us.
For all the editors who picked up my stories this year, thank you for giving me the chance to share my weird tales with the world. It is an honor and privilege to have worked with you this year.
For the editor who didn’t pick up my story this year, thank you for giving me the opportunity to and advice to either make the story better or salvage the better elements for other projects. I look forward to your anthology.
For my fellow writers, thank you for your support, advice, sense of humor, inspiration, and occasional distraction that turns into a fruitful project. cough*Rigor Amortis*cough*Cthulhurotica*cough* You have all helped make the lonely pursuit of writing a lot less lonely. And thanks to social media for letting us do this across borders with ease.
Thanks to my second home, the Wayward Coffeehouse. You’ve been a wonderful geek haven, a place to write for years, and have provided a stage for many a successful reading. May you get back on your feet quickly after the fire next door.
For all the authors and artists who have worked in the Cobalt City Universe this year, thank you for making the city a bigger, richer place. I hope to see submissions from you next year.
(While I’m on the subject, thanks for all you lovely people who read the Cobalt City stories and support small press in general. It gives me hope that the future of print is not going to be one homogenized mono-culture.)
And finally, a tremendous thanks to those who helped me through my health crisis in October. You mean the world for me. When I was laid up, alone, worrying over worst-case scenarios (which never came to be), you were there to talk me down, bring me food and companionship, pick up the slack around the house, and generally keep me sane.

Much love to you all.

Now, let’s go check on those un-godly sweet potatoes…

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