From the Work in Progress

Sorry folks. I’ve been a bit too busy, a bit too heads-down trying to get Ink Calls to Ink finished. That’s meant a dearth of posting.

Ooops. On the upside, my first draft will be done by the end of the month — possibly before Thanksgiving. I’m working on it now and just paused long enough to say howdy.

To make it up to you, I present a brief scene from the work in progress. Enjoy!

“I understand the Valiant Tailor,” the one Juliet dubbed Wheatbeard said. “He was always impetuous. The musicians from Bremen, they do not surprise me.”

“And Hansel, Bearskin, and Iron John,” Firebeard added, “they would be here, of course. But the princes?”

The huntsmen grunted in disbelief to a chorus of, “So many princes!”

“Did they think,” Badgerbeard said, “that if something should happen to Arthur, that they might be in position to inherit the kingdom he builds? They are princes in title only. Not like kings from back home.”

“There are no women slumbering in bramble-encircled towers in London,” Wheatbeard said wistfully. “There are no lonely maidens with impossibly long golden hair, no pale little girls in repose beneath glass, no dancing partners fleeing the ball at the stroke of midnight. There is no romance in London, just hunger and noise and ugly towers and fear and the indifferent rain. Is it any wonder they are lost? Is it any wonder they come to rally behind something bigger than themselves?”

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