Script Monkey

I used to write screenplays.

No, really. True story! Years before I finished my first novel or sold my first story, I wrote screenplays (though the first was more of an exercise). All four screenplays were written with partners, three of them with a good friend from high school and college who makes his living writing theater professionally back in the midwest.

I used to think that screenplays were my ticket on the money train. And while it’s true that if one had gotten picked up, it would have been very lucrative, none of them ever got to that stage. While I enjoy the process, there are frustrations and limitations inherent in what you can do with it once it’s done. Ultimately, I turned to short fiction and novels to have my stories heard.

That is not to say that I gave up on script writing. In fact, I wrote a charming and action packed zombie western two years ago that I was very much happy with. (If you read this Robert Carlyle, I wrote the staring role with you in mind. You know you want to do a zombie western!) But it would be fair to say that it hasn’t been my focus in recent years.

That hasn’t been the case for the past three days, however.

Timid Pirate Publishing is planning on doing Cobalt City podcast stories in 2011. Done in a radio-drama format, it means real scripting that has to be done with hard deadlines, and pretty firm time-limits on story. And I’m just the man for the job.

All six episodes of Hollow Offerings, the first podcast arc, have just been turned in this morning. It was a tough process, and I really wish I hadn’t underestimated how long it would take me to finish them. Two late nights followed by an early morning to wrap it all up have taken their toll. But I’m genuinely thrilled with the finished scripts.

Featuring Cobalt City’s Velvet and the Huntsman, the first series should start streaming at Timid Pirate sometime in January of next year.

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