Lazy Sunday

There are things I could be doing right now — things I could have been doing all day, come to think of it. I have writing that needs to be tackled, both fiction and support material for the web site. I could be pimping Cobalt City Timeslip at the local book stores. I could even do a bit of house cleaning beyond the dishes I just washed.

But no.

After working on the Timid Pirate launch party last night from when I got up at 8 am until shuffling back home around 10:30 pm to upload photos of the event and crunch some numbers, I could use some down time. Sweet Cthulhu, what a long day Saturday was. Not that I’m complaining. It was a long fantastic day.

Prior to the reading, Caroline and I knocked around formatting/font/margin issues for pending re-release Cobalt City Blues. As soon as our font issue is resolved, we’ll be able to get resized margins for the cover and BOOM, off to the printer. I’m hopeful that my first novel will be back in print by end of week. I also spent a chunk of the day setting up the merchandise site for Timid Pirate Publishing, the free PDF download of Nikki Burns’ story “Tomorrow’s Harvest,” and general site redesign so we could have those ready to announce by launch party time.

Initial microphone difficulties notwithstanding, the reading itself was a blast. People braved the horrible rain and worse parking to file into the Wayward Coffeehouse. We had a special guest reader to fill in for one of the authors who could not attend, and Caroline stepped in to read a section for the other otherwise engaged author. A number of copies were sold, everyone seemed to have a good time, and we got contributor copies off to the authors (most if not all of them, at least).

Tomorrow, we’ll mail out all the pre-orders, complete with signatures from all the authors. Tuesday, we’ll start pimping the book in the local stores and try to line up more readings.

But for tonight, a quiet dinner of rigatoni marinara awaits. And then, if I really feel like it, I might head back to the Wayward with Snowflake, my loyal netbook, and get some writing in just for fun.

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